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As a 40-something mother of none and friend of many similarly childless couples, I’ve been to very few baby showers in my life. This hasn’t been intentional and, in general, I quite like children when they belong to other people and I can give them back. But, needless to say, this makes me somewhat under-qualified in the world of all things baby. So when a friend asked me recently if I could do some cupcakes for a shower tea, of course I said yes but knew this would take some research to bring me up to speed on baby themed baking. Thank goodness for the internet, where you can spend countless hours trawling through images, blogs and baking sites to draw inspiration for fantastic creations. As always I spent a disproportionate amount of time looking at pictures of cute cupcakes and adorable cake toppers for the quantity I needed to supply, but was able to convince myself it was time well spent in the name of research for next time! And so, needing to kerb my enthusiasm and remembering I was making 2 dozen not 20 dozen, I narrowed the options down and chose 4 cake topper ideas to go with.

The first thing I decided on, before even picking up any fondant or modelling tools, was the colour palette. When I think “baby” it’s got to be colourful, cute and a bit of fun and so, with that in mind, and without any gender bias to influence me, I decided to go bright and bold, rather than soft and pastel. Next choice to make was the designs, and I whittled it down to baby booties, prams, bibs and buttons to grace the top of my cupcakes. With some careful cutting, moulding and fine detailing the final product started to come to life and I was pretty happy with the end results for the cake toppers.

pram-cake bib-cupcake buttons-cupcake booty-cupcake

Knowing there would be Mum’s to be at the party meant making the cupcakes pregnancy safe was absolutely essential, so no fresh cream, cream cheese, raw eggs etc. etc. was also part of the brief to fill. I settled on my old trusty vanilla cupcake and also some red velvet ones to sit under a fluffy Swiss meringue buttercream scattered with confetti candy and then the oh so cute decorations on top and they looked adorable!

confetti-cupcakes     baby-shower-cupcakes
Delivery made and my baby shower cupcakes were met with lots of gushing and exclamations of cuteness, which always brings a smile to my face. Happy customers make all the effort worthwhile and I can now say that baby cakes are a new part of my ever expanding repertoire.

cupcake-delivery      shower-tea-cupcakes

Only question now is what’s next? Stay tuned folks!

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