Christmas Fruit Cake 
Full of dried fruits, pureed chestnuts, Queensland macadamias and a healthy dash of rum and brandy, this classic Christmas fruit cake is topped with candied fruits and nuts and finished with an apricot glaze.
Available in 2 sizes : 320gm and 850gm

christmas-fruit-cake xmas-fruit-cake

Christmas Pudding
A traditional favourite, these puddings are filled with dried fruits that have been marinating for weeks in spices, brandy and Australian stout, then slowly steamed in individual basins, ready to reheat for serving.
Available in 2 sizes : 150gm and 900gm


Traditional butter with sugar and spice, lavender, lemon myrtle and lemon pistachio are the 4 flavours available. They come in packs of 8 that can either be straight flavours or a mix of the 4.

mixed-shortbread shortbread

Fig, Walnut and Chocolate Log
Fruit and cheese are a perfect combination and the addition of a 70% cocoa chocolate to this log adds a bitter sweetness that also works well on a cheese plate. Great for Xmas entertaining. 120gm

fig-log fig-walnut-log

Tomato Kasundi
In season tomatoes, fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and Indian inspired spices make this tasty relish that can be used as a side dish for curries, as an accompaniment to meats or even as a dip. 330gm

tomato-kasundi   beetroot-relish

Beetroot Orange Relish
Spiced with coriander seeds, cinnamon and orange, this beetroot relish is perfect for a summer BBQ to go with meats, burgers or even tossed through a salad.

Dulce de Leche
This rich caramel sauce with a hint of vanilla can be used as a filling for tarts, drizzled over cakes or ice cream or if you like eat it straight from the jar. Any way is sure to satisfy those sweet cravings.

dulce-de-leche-caramel  dulce-de-leche-tart

Vanilla and Rosé Poached Cherries
Fresh summer cherries gently poached in a rosé wine and vanilla syrup are great to put on ice-cream, eat with cream or custard or add to the top of your summer pavlova.

  Poached-cherry-jar   Vanilla-poached-cherries

Handmade Filled Chocolates
All of these chocolates are hand tempered using fine couverture chocolate and then filled with assorted flavoured ganache. Flavours I’ll be using this year are :
White chocolate and raspberry
White chocolate with yuzu ganache
Dark chocolate chilli cardamom
Milk chocolate hazelnut praline
Dark chocolate butter truffle

Chocolate-treats  Handmade-chocolates  Chocolate-truffles

Assorted Fudge
Who doesn’t love fudge?  For this year’s fudge selection I’m choosing the ever popular salted caramel, white rose, peanut butter and chocolate, and maple pecan. The fudge comes in packs of 6 (about 220gm) which can be straight flavours or a mix of the 4.

white-chocolate-rosewater     peanut-butter-fudge

maple-pecan-fudge     salted-caramel-fudge

Sweetly Decadent Chocolate Bars
These chocolate bars are not your average dairy milk block. Using best quality hand tempered couverture chocolate, the bars are then filled with flavoured ganache and then decorated to reflect the flavours within. 4 flavours I’ll be using are :
Dark chocolate with rosewater and pistachio
Dark chocolate with coffee and roasted cacao nibs
White chocolate and freeze dried raspberries
Salted caramel
Blocks weigh approximately 110gm each

Mixed-bars Flavoured-chocolate-bars Assorted-chocolate-bars

Gourmet Rocky Road
Forget the rocky road you had as a kid, this is a new grown up version of an old favourite. Dark or white chocolate covers 4 flavours of marshmallow, oven dried cherries (dark) or freeze dried raspberries (white), macadamias and pistachio nuts and toasted coconut flakes. The rocky road will come in packs of 100gm or 200gm.


Gingerbread House
Always a hit with the kids, my Gingerbread houses are complete with Xmas trees and Gingerbread people outside to create the scene, and are covered in all sorts of lollies and sweets to decorate. Everything except the board is edible. All of the gingerbread is hand made from scratch and each house’s decoration is unique. These look great as a table centrepiece if you can keep the kids away from them long enough!

Edible-gingerbread    Gingerbread-door

Edible-house Gingerbread-roof

Sweet Treats Pack
Dulce de Leche 300gm
Vanilla and Rosè Poached Cherries 300ml
Box of 4 Assorted Handmade Filled Chocolates
Gourmet Rocky Road 100gm
Assorted Fudge 140gm
4 pack of Mixed Shortbread 60gm


Chocolate Lovers Pack
Box of 6 Assorted Handmade Filled Chocolates
Sweetly Decadent Chocolate Bar 110gm
Gourmet Rocky Road 100gm
Assorted Fudge 140gm

Sweet-treats-hamper Chocolate-hamper

Something Savoury Pack
Tomato Kasundi 330gm
Beetroot and Orange Relish 330gm
Individual Christmas Pudding 150gm
Fig, Walnut and Chocolate Log 120gm


Traditional Christmas Pack
Small Christmas Fruit Cake 300gm
Individual Christmas Pudding 150gm
Box of 4 Assorted Handmade Filled Chocolates
4 pack of Mixed Shortbread 60gm