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It seems like only yesterday that I was last creating Halloween treats inspired by all things scary and freaky and then, suddenly, here we are again, a year later and only a few short weeks away from that time of the year where it’s accepted and expected to take candy from strangers. When I was young we never really went in for trick or treating but, over the years, things have changed and with shops decked out in all things orange, black and spooky throughout October, Australians have picked up on this tradition and run with it. Getting dressed up in costumes depicting a favourite character and roaming the streets with bag in hand to hopefully be filled by generous neighbours has become one of the highlights of the year for many kids, much like Easter and Christmas.

pumpkin-cupcake     batty-cupcakes
Living in an inner city apartment, we don’t get the barrage of trick-or-treating kids to our door that our house dwelling neighbours might expect, which I have to say I’m kinda happy about. But I do have nieces and nephews that are more than willing to be my taste testers when it comes to some Halloween inspired baking (come to think of it the big kids don’t mind giving my spooky treats a try either!). Halloween themed parties seem to be all the rage these days too and so that’s all the reason I’ll need to whip up some devilishly sweet delights, inspired by all of the usual suspects we’ve come to associate with Halloween, this year.

My kitchen is already in overdrive, getting cake toppers prepared to adorn cupcakes and designing new scary looking cakepops to make the kids go “yuck”. The benches are covered in chocolate melts, fondant of all colours, food dyes, sprinkles and edible glitters and any other decorating paraphernalia I have hidden in my cupboards, all ready to be turned into something eye-popping.

Last year I created a Spiced Pumpkin Cupcake recipe which was a hit and so I plan on bringing that one back this year, along with gooey, slimy chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cakes with a “bloody” surprise inside (looks like blood, tastes like strawberry!). To sit on top of these creepy cakes there’ll be pumpkins, bats, spider webs, mummies and tombstones. Halloween would not be complete without witches, ghosts and ghoulish creatures and what better way to serve them than on a stick, cakepop style of course, so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.

fondant-pumpkin-cake    spider-web-cupcake
If you’re having a Halloween party this year, these ghosts, ghouls and other spooky things would be perfect to fright and delight guests. If you want to make my Maple Pumpkin Spiced Cupcakes for your Halloween event you can get the recipe by following the link
Happy Halloween!

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