When my beautiful friend Nicole asked if I would do her 40th birthday cake, it was a no brainer. Nic and I have been friends for years and one of our common passions is food and cooking. We have spent countless hours discussing all things “foodie” and travelled to shows and exhibitions together to explore new products and find ideas to take home and put into practice. It was at one such show recently that we were awed by cake constructions that defied gravity, with artwork that could proudly sit on a canvas if it weren’t on a cake, and sparkle, lots and lots of sparkle. Having been dazzled by an array of edible glittery things, Nic had 1 main request for her cake….make it shimmer and shine! And so I set out to create a cake blingy enough to befit my beautiful friends big day.

silver-pink-shimmer          pink-cachous

I wanted to make the inside of the cake look a bit more special than a standard layer cake and, given the exterior colour palette was going to be silver and pink, decided to do a 2 tone interior of Pink Velvet and Vanilla White Chocolate Mud cake, sandwiched and covered in one of my favourite frostings and fillings, a Swiss Meringue Buttercream. I had intended to take photos of the naked cakes prior to frosting but in my excitement to get onto the decorating I forgot, and so this is the rough frosted cake before and after being dressed in fondant (I’m sure you can all imagine a pink and vanilla cake without a photo!).

buttercream-frosting          fondant-covered-cake
With the foundations laid, it was time to get onto the job of taking this cake from plain white canvas to birthday bling. First step was to the change the base colour to silver and to do this I pulled out one of my many colour mists. These are essentially edible spray paints and they make the job of colouring big areas a whole lot easier. One tip though when using them, try and place your cake in a large box or semi-enclosed container as the spray does travel, or be prepared to clean a wide area around where you’ve done your spraying!

silver-spray-cake          silver-colour-mist
The brief was sparkles and so next step was to pull out the edible shimmer dust and get onto creating the silver sparkly top. To do this I used a wide, soft brush to dab the shimmer dust onto the cake. Be warned again though….this stuff will travel and if you don’t do it in a confined space you will continue to find it for days, even on yourself. To that end I would suggest doing it outside if at all possible or somewhere where you can easily wash the surfaces down. Don’t let that put you off though because as you will see the results are definitely worth it.

glittery-cake          silver-shimmer

They say diamonds are a girls best friend and so it seemed only right that this cake had a diamonte border at the base to add some extra twinkle and gleam. This was the one decoration on the cake that wasn’t edible but I didn’t think anyone would mind given the beautiful effect that it created, so beautiful in fact that I decided to wrap it around the middle as well, after all there can never be too much bling on a sparkle cake.

diamonte-trim          heart-detail

 The bottom half of the cake became the pink component. This was the labour intensive part of the decorating as I’d decided to cut out small heart shapes and use them to go around the cake in rows, 160 small hearts in total! And as if there wasn’t enough glitter covering my kitchen a few randomly placed extra sparkly hearts were thrown in for good measure. Rather than remind the birthday girl of the number of decades past, the cake was topped, not with a number, but instead with twinkling glitter balls to celebrate this milestone in a shining life.

hot-pink-heart      sparkly-trim      silver-sparkle-cake

Happy Sparkly Birthday to a beautiful friend.



  1. Awesone cake Nicole. Always love your work!

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